EICR Tests and Inspections

Do you want to ensure the electrics in your property are safe and compliant with national safety standards? Do you want to uphold your legal obligations as a landlord or business? Then get in touch with Pennine Electrical for EICR tests and inspections. We carry out EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report) tests for homeowners and landlords as well as commercial and industrial property owners and businesses, identifying any defects, deficiencies or safety concerns.

We work across Oldham, Stockport and all the surrounding areas, undertaking reliable evaluations and providing formal documentation containing details of the condition of electrical installations and our professional recommendations for repairs and improvements.


What is an EICR Test?

An EICR test is an in-depth inspection of all the electrical systems and installations within a property. It does not cover unfixed electrics, such as appliances. The EICR is an official document which we product after an inspection.

When carrying out an EICR test, whether as part of our industrial electrical services or our commercial and domestic services, we assess the condition and safety of your electrics. We check for things like broken or cracked wiring, inadequate earthing, faulty circuits and potentially dangerous electrical faults. We also check for any deviations from current safety standards and IET Wiring Regulations.

In the report we provide following EICR tests and inspections, we place issues into 3 categories:

  • Code 1 – Danger present – These issues need immediate attention
  • Code 2 – Potentially dangerous – There is not an immediate threat, but the issue could become dangerous
  • Code 3 – Improvement recommended – Electrics pose no danger but would benefit from improvements


Because electrical installations deteriorate over time, it is important to carry out periodic inspections to maintain optimal safety and performance. When you call Pennine Electrical for EICR testing in Oldham, Stockport and the surrounding areas, we carry out a thorough assessment so you have a clear idea of any issues and the next steps to take.


EICR Tests and the Law

Under the Electrical Safety Standards in the Private Rented Sector (England) Regulations 2020, all private landlords must ensure a qualified person carries out an EICR test every 5 years. They must also get a report from the inspector and supply a copy to tenants as well as the local housing authority.

Commercial and industrial landlords and property owners have a legal duty of care to ensure electrics in their buildings are not a danger to anyone using their properties. Laws such as the Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) and the Electricity at Work Regulations (1989) contain plenty of legislation regarding precautionary responsibilities and the compliance with specified electrical standards. As such, regular EICR tests and inspections ensure you meet your obligations.

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