Commercial Lighting Installation

Optimised lighting solutions have a variety of benefits, so if you want to improve staff wellbeing, enhance productivity and save money, call Pennine Electrical. We provide complete commercial lighting installation services for all sectors, providing tailored advice, design and fitting. In this way our commercial electricians ensure your lighting suits daily requirements and offers greater usability.

Oldham, Stockport and Manchester are our main service areas, but we can also offer nationwide coverage. Whether you need lighting upgrades, additions or comprehensive lighting solutions for an entire property, we meet your requirements.


LED Lighting

LED lighting is the ideal option for your commercial property, be it a school, office, shop or other setting. Unlike traditional options, LEDs provide high-quality, uniform light which offers much more effective illumination of everything from small offices to large warehouses.

The commercial electricians at Pennine Electrical can replace outdated and unsatisfactory lighting systems with modern LED solutions, and carry out installations for new builds. Other benefits of LED lights include greater energy efficiency and bulb longevity.


Indoor Lighting

We offer a wide range of options for your commercial lighting installation and work with you to determine the best solutions for your property. Having been providing professional lighting services for many years, we deliver reliable advice regarding all types of lighting, and are adept at fitting all lighting products and systems.

Popular options include:

  • Strip Lighting
  • High Bay Lighting
  • Low Bay Lighting
  • Low Voltage Lighting
  • Decorative Lighting
  • Ambient, Task and Accent Lighting


Outdoor Lighting

At Pennine Electrical we understand that your lighting needs probably extend beyond lighting the inside of your property. As such, we offer various external lighting options to suit your needs. This includes floodlights for illuminating outside spaces, such as playing fields, yards, courtyards and loading bays. They are also effective as façade lighting.

Other types of outdoor lighting our commercial electricians install in Oldham, Stockport and the surrounding areas include deck, wall, path and recessed lights.


Emergency and Security Lighting

Emergency lighting is essential for any commercial property, helping with safe evacuation. Suitable emergency lighting is also a legal requirement, and we complete emergency commercial lighting installations in accordance with BS 5266 and BS EN 50172. This includes maintained lighting which keeps working if power fails and non-maintained lighting, such as for emergency exit signs.

The security of your premises is another important consideration, and we offer security lighting to prevent the risk of intrusion. Options include motion sensor lighting, dusk-to-dawn lamps and lights to illuminate pathways, entrances etc.

To fully optimise safety and security, we undertake a range of other commercial electrical services which we can offer alongside lighting installations. For example, CCTV installs, rewiring and EICR tests and inspections.

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